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Our research in the news:

"Kids asked to learn in ways that exceed attention"
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"The Bare Walls Theory: Do Too Many Classroom Decorations Harm Learning?"
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"The Science of Learning"
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"Classroom Decorations Can Distract Young Students"
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"Rethinking the Colorful Kindergarten Classroom"
Hoffman, J. (2014, June 9). Rethinking the colorful kindergarten classroom. The New York Times. 

"Study Shows Classroom Decor Can Distract From Learning"
Burnet, K. (2014, June 2) Study shows classroom decor can distract from learning. 90.5 WESA Pittsburgh’s NPR Station

"Study Tallies Time Off Task in Elementary Classrooms"
Yettick, Y. (2014, May 5). Study tallies time off task in elementary classrooms. Education Week: Inside School Research.